Wednesday, 25 April 2012


april rain, relentless, unwipable, the cold burns through the skin; weary of knitted things, hats, coats worn inside the house, two hats, sometimes and a scarf....
the north is brutal, cruel; fingers of cold like knives; sneering at the idea of spring, summer a joke. Amun-Ra has never been here, he doesn't waste his time; 

all  the cold, the rage, the brutality is presided over by frightful norse bastard Frey, or rude and nasty Thor, hammerlike rain thundering down on our heads while we're scurrying ratlike through London's streaming streets ...

 rain pouring through cracks in jerry built ceilings and black cabs' sadistic delight in careening close to the kerb and blasting us with cold filthy water.

 On days like these I want a machete to slice through the thick, low sky; cut a hole in it the size of Abyssinia and release the poor exiled oppressed sun.

Sunday, 22 April 2012


The ancient philosophers developed theories about beauty and its relationship to harmony and perfection. These theories weren't applied on the basis of how people actually looked, but how beauty invokes ideals.

But the fact remains that we members of the human species have a lot of “imperfections.” And classical ideals simply keep coming back to make us aware of it. We feel like freaks, “abnormal,” aware of what's “wrong” with us.

And yet, most attempts to describe perfection, ends up being much more creepy than our ordinary freakiness. To really describe humanity you have to describe the freak, not the “perfection.” What's constant through history however is how the freak – the normal person – aims toward physical perfection and in doing so, turns themselves into real freaks.

staffordshire bull


Sank sunk

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


erupting all out all over and all together now - the raw typewriter: me, on my phone , at work, at home, at the bus stop; the cooked camera: snap snap snap idly making even more images in a world that NEEDS NO MORE IMAGES.

the denial of literature and art and to be determined to make nothing but literature and art.